Improving Diabetes Care in General Practice

Patient Notice:

Improving Diabetes Care in General Practice

The Integrated Diabetes service was set up in 2015 to improve care in Bath & North East Somerset. As part of this service, professional to professional virtual clinics are now operating in General Practice.

What is a virtual clinic?

Virtual clinics are where GP staff can discuss patients with a diabetes expert without the patient being present. A plan is then formulated that is carried out by the practice team with the support of diabetes specialists from the hospital.

Who is involved?

A Consultant in Diabetes and Diabetes Specialist Nurse from the Royal United Hospital and General Practice staff e.g. GP, Practice Nurse and Pharmacist. The aim is to plan care and management in primary care without referral to hospital.  Your practice team will feed back to you after the meetings.

How will confidentiality be protected?

All discussions, advice and data is kept within the practice. Information is NOT shared with third parties.

For queries about this service please consult your GP or diabetes nurse

Opting Out: If you DO NOT wish for your case to be discussed and would like to opt out of this service, please notify your GP practice.