Reporting Adult Abuse

The telephone number for the reporting abuse of adults is 0300 247 0201.


If you are concerned that someone is at risk of being abused, please call the Virgin Care Adult Safeguarding Team’s new number 0300 247 0201. If anyone is in immediate danger, always call 999 and ask for the Police.


There are many different types of abuse and it can take place anywhere at any time. People can be at risk of harm or abuse if they need care and support. This includes people with a physical disability or illness, people who are elderly or frail or have sensory loss, or people living with dementia, a learning disability or a mental health need.

Abuse can be deliberate, or it can be the result of ignorance, or lack of training, knowledge or understanding. Sometimes if a person is being abused in one way they are also being abused in other ways.

Abuse may be physical, sexual or emotional. It could also be financial – you may know someone who is being put under pressure to change their will or to give money or property away. If someone is being discriminated against because of their race, sexuality or disability – that is also a form of abuse.

Domestic abuse is any kind of abuse that happens between people with an intimate or family relationship.

If someone is experiencing disrespect or ill treatment in an institution like a care home, nursing home, sheltered housing, acute hospital or in-patient setting, we call it ‘organisational abuse.’

You may know someone who is being neglected. Perhaps their medical or physical needs are being ignored. Or someone you know may be neglecting themselves.

Call the Virgin Care Adult Safeguarding Team on the local rate number 0300 247 0201 where you will be connected to the local B&NES team.